Friday, March 17, 2017

MPs propose removal of Senate and have governors appointed

 A parliamentary committee has recommended that Senate be abolished. This, the National Assembly Budget and Appropriations Committee said, is designed to resolve the lingering concern of over-representation and a ballooning wage bill. The committee said the country cannot afford to maintain a high number of elected leaders at a time when Kenyans are complaining of over-representation and a soaring public expenditure on salaries. The committee has further recommended that governors be appointed instead of elected, a radical move that could attract a backlash from advocates of devolution. The committee said the current system has compromised the work of the Senate in providing a link between the national and county governments, hence the need to re-assess its necessity under the current constitutional dispensation. "On the issue of over-representation, the committee agreed that Kenyans are over-represented in the legislative bodies and recommends abolishing the Senate or strengthening it to carry out work similar to that of the Council of Governors," said the committee in its report tabled in the National Assembly yesterday.



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