Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twittering African Elections

African Elections Project (AEP) uses social media and new media tools to develop capacity and to monitor the governance process prior to, during and after the election. One of such myriad of tools is the use of micro blogging using twitter in a number of ways:
• Connecting with stakeholders such as politicians, political parties, elections observers and monitors, electoral management bodies, citizens and Civil Society
• Publishing SMS from our journalists and citizens journalist to a greater audience via twitter
• Using twitter in our elections news production and dissemination process
• Publishing pictures from the field via
• Using twitter to send out alerts from our Early warning system
• Publishing media monitoring output to twitter
• Dissemination of elections results from polling stations
@africanelection African Elections Project affiliates: (twittering elections in English, French and Portuguese)

African Elections Twitter

Togo Elections

Ghana Elections Twitter

Mozambique Elections Twitter

Namibia Elections Twitter

Botswana Elections Twitter

Cote D'Ivoire Elections

Mauritania Elections Twitter

Guinea Elections Twitter

Malawi Elections Twitter

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