Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cote D'Ivoire : One Country, Two presidents

The long awaited Cote d'viore 28th November 2010  elections expected to end long years of political instability for the West African country rather shown deep seated divisions with ex- president Laurent Gbagbo and  his challenger Alassane Ouattara, claiming victory. Each was installed as president with both men taking steps to form a cabinet. Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki ,  appointed by African Union to mediate in this ongoing impasse met on  Sunday 11th December 2010 with both Mr. Gbagbo and Mr. Ouattara.

On 2nd December 2010, the head of the electoral commission pronounced Alassane Ouattara winner with 54% of the votes cast while Laurent Gbagbo received 46%. The country's constitutional council responsible for validating results overturn the results proclaimed by the electoral commission and declared Mr. Gbagbo winner. The situation in the country remains clam while international community is working hard to resolve this impasse.

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