Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mali Elections: "The Results Must be Respected" - Ban Ki-Moon

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during a press briefing in Paris on Monday says that although the presidential election scheduled to take place on July 28 to Mali is "imperfect", "the results must be respected by all parties." "I hope that the presidential election will be held in Mali peacefully in a quiet environment", He added Malians go to the polls on July 28 for the first round of the presidential election, but many key stakeholders and international observers have voiced out their concerns and called for a postponement of the elections to ensure credibility and smooth transition. The decision to hold the first round on 28 July, possibly followed by a second round on August 11, was taken by the Malian transition government under pressure from the international community, particularly France. AEP Get the latest news and updates on elections in Africa by following us on twitter @africanelections and like our facebook page

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