Monday, July 14, 2014

Ghana: Electoral Commision reschedules revision of voters register

The Electoral Commission has rescheduled the revision of the voters register for Friday 25th July, to Sunday, August 3, 2014 from 7am to 6pm each day including weekends.The revision is open to Ghanaians who have attained 18 years since the main registration exercise in 2012 and eligible Ghanaians who were unable to vote. A statement signed by a Deputy Chairman of the Commission, Amadu Sulley said the registration would take place at designated registration centres in every electoral area.

The EC advises prospective applicants to look out for the registration centres in their electoral areas from the newspapers and on local announcements to be made. Applicant will be required to show identification documents such as National Identification card, Driving License or an old voters ID card as proof to eligibility. For applicant who do not have any of the mentioned ID's they will need two Ghanaians who are registered voters to guarantee their registration by completing a voter registration identification guarantee form.

The statement appealed to Ghanaians to support the EC in ensuring that unqualified people and minors do not register. The commission also announced that it will hold an Inter -Party Advisory Committee meeting this Friday to discuss the revision of the voters register, the report on inspection of political part offices, proposal for forms submitted by political parties and civil society and carry out any other business.

Source: Daily Graphic

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