Thursday, August 28, 2014

Limit of two presidential terms is not ideal in Africa, according to Joaquim Chissano

"Two terms is not long enough for African leaders... it is very short (...) in my case I would complete my work in a third term, although I decided not to compete "said the former President of Mozambique, Joaquim Chissano, during a southern Africa lawyers' Forum which took place last week just in Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe.
According to the newspaper New Zimbabwe, Chissano, President of Mozambique between 1986 and 2005, made these remarks when was asked by the participants of the forum for his opinion on leaders who remain in power in addition to the two presidential terms.
"We must accept the terms as they are. When I left the job (as President of Mozambique) they changed the Constitution to two terms but I don't agree with that, "said Joaquim Chissano who became the second President of Mozambique after the death of Samora Machel and, after the creation of the multi-partidarism, he won the first two democratic elections that took place in our country.
Chissano, who could have applied for a third term in 2004 but decided to abandon the power, explained that "I'm not saying that they should remain more than enough but there should be more time for Presidents to implement their ideas and policies".
The former Mozambican President also stated to the Forum that he prefers three terms for African Presidents and explained. "The first mandate is to implement some programs, while the second term serves to decide the ideas and complete everything during the third term."
"In my case I would complete my work in a third term, although I decided not to apply" concluded Joaquim Chissano who criticized African leaders who are in power for many years.

Source: Verdade

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