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Burkina Faso: Meet the 22 presidential candidate hopefuls for the Oct polls

The filing of nominations for the presidential election on October 11 ended Friday at midnight. The final list will be published on August 29.

We must now wait for August 29 to hear the final and official list of candidates for the presidential election on October 11. Friday, August 21 at midnight (the date of the closing of the deposit), 22 people had filed their applications before the Constitutional Council.

Each candidate was able to pay the bail of 25 million CFA francs.

Who are the contenders for the presidency? Portraits of main candidates among the 22 who filed their case.

Zéphirin Diabré

Former leader of the opposition, Zéphirin Diabré (55) is the candidate of the Union for Progress and Change (UPC), the party of which he is the leader and he created in March 2010. Formed at the High School of Commerce of Bordeaux (France), it is propelled to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Mines from 1992 to 1994, then to the Economy and Finance until 1996. It will then briefly President of the Economic and Social Council in 1996-1997, before becoming the director for Africa and Middle East of Areva (2006-2011) and Deputy Director General of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York from 1999 to 2006. We have long known that he wants to succeed Blaise Compaore.

Eddi Komboïgo

Ahmed Ouoba / AFP
Eddi Komboïgo is the new president of the Congress for Democracy (CDP) party Compaore. Businessman deemed to Burkina Faso, Eddie Komboïgo is the head of the financial audit and accounting Komboïgo and Associates (CAFEC-Ka). This is a close friend of Diendéré Gilbert, former Chief of Staff and especially right arm Blaise Compaore. They are both from Yako, capital Passoré and Diendéré including being godfather of marriage new boss of the CDP. This proximity has probably earned Eddie Komboïgo the ransacking of his home in Ouagadougou during the popular uprising of October 2014.

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré

Ahmed Ouoba / AFP
Roch is regarded Kaboré with Zéphirin Diabré, as one of the favorites of the next presidential Burkinabe. Former Prime Minister and President of the National Assembly, this former most loyal Compaore had stormed out of the scheme in January 2014 with two other relatives of the former president: Salif Diallo and Simon Compaoré. Opposed to the will of the head of state to change the constitution to remain in power, the three men had then founded the People's Movement for Progress (MPP) and joined the opposition.

Ram Ouedraogo

Born in 1951 in Ivory Coast, Ram Ouédraogo returned to the country in 1984, thanks to the revolution that will rename Upper Volta in Burkina Faso. Founding father of the first Green party Burkinabe Burkina greens of the Union (UVDB), he was, in 1999, Minister of State and Member of Parliament in 2002, before creating a new party, the Rally of Ecologists of Burkina (RDEB) in 2005. He has twice been a candidate in a presidential election. In 1998, he arrived second behind Blaise Compaoré with 6.61% of votes. It gets only 2.04% of the vote in the 2005 election.

Ablassé Ouédraogo

Ahmed Ouoba / AFP
The party chairman Faso otherwise Ablassé Ouédraogo has, like other opponents evolved in the shadow of the Compaoré regime. Former member of the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP), he was successively Minister of Foreign Affairs (1994-1999) and Special Advisor Blaise Compaore. Economist recognized, it then goes through several international institutions, including as Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) before playing the mediators of the African Union in various crises, such as Madagascar, and being elected in 2012.

Gilbert Noël Ouédraogo

Former leader of the opposition, but also transport minister after supporting the head of state in 2005, the son of former Prime Minister Gérard Kango Ouedraogo, Gilbert Noel, 46, is deputy mayor of Ouahigouya and leader of the Alliance for Democracy and Federation / African Democratic Rally (ADF / RDA). Third political force, it was part of the former presidential party but strongly opposed the referendum on the amendment of Article 37.

Yacouba Ouédraogo

Last Minister of Sport and Recreation Blaise Compaore, Colonel Yacouba Ouédraogo has created his own political party, the Union for Burkina again (UBN), the name of the association he headed since 2011. UBN has covenanted with the Convention of Democratic Forces of Burkina former Minister for Literacy, Amadou Dicko Diemdioda.

Adama Kanazoé

Member of the Youth Alliance for independence and the republic (AJIR) Kanazoé Adama is a young politician who is in his thirties. Economic operator, he is a director of the Holding Company Business and Development in Africa (HBDA), a group that develops activities in logistics, communication and distribution of telecom products.

Saran Sérémé

Issouf Sanogo / AFP
Opponent of Compaoré regime Sérémé Saran is the president of the Party for Development and Change (PDC). Nicknamed "the Amazon of Tugan" - the name of his fief in the north of the country - she became the face of the revolt of October 2014. A few days before the big event which led to the fall of Blaise Compaoré, Saran Sérémé organized a big march of women against the proposed constitutional amendment. Defector from the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP), the former ruling party of Compaoré, she slammed the door in 2012 after his training was denied sponsorship legislative. After the departure of Compaore, his name had briefly been mentioned to head the transition.

Djibril Bassolé

Vincent Fournier for JA
Djibril Bassolé is a part of the CDP, the former ruling party. Gourounsi 57, a native of the province of Kossi (Northwest), he was special representative of President Compaoré in the Togolese crisis, in 1994 and Niger in 1995. Deputy Minister then security minister between 1999 and 2007, it then accesses the Strategic Foreign Ministry from 2007 to 2008 and then 2011 until October 2014, with the fall of Blaise Compaore.

Jean-Baptiste Natama

Former cabinet director of the President of the Commission of the African Union, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Jean-Baptiste Natama is the candidate of the Patriotic Convergence for Renaissance / Progressive Movement (CPR / MP), movement of which he is president . Military (he participated in the "Christmas war" between Mali and Burkina Faso in 1985), he then held various positions in international organizations. It was among other senior adviser to the representative of the World Food Programme of the United Nations in Burundi and Rwanda (1999-2000), expert analyst at International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in 2001. His name was also circulated to take the head of the transition.

Sankara Bénéwendé

© Vincent Fournier / Jeune Afrique
© Vincent Fournier / Jeune Afrique

56 years old, Bénéwendé Sankara, who has no family relationship with Captain Thomas Sankara, will be the candidate of a coalition of nine political parties said sankaristes. Twice an unsuccessful candidate in the 2005 presidential and 2010 deal with Blaise Compaoré, Ms. Sankara has long been described as "lawyer of lost causes" in Burkina. Defender of striking students pursued by the old regime, it is illustrated in the case of Norbert Zongo, a journalist murdered in 1998 while investigating the disappearance of driver of François Compaoré, the younger brother of President Compaoré. He is also the lead counsel in the iconic Thomas Sankara case, reopened in late March after two decades of political and legal battles unheeded under the old regime.

Françoise Toé

Invested late June candidate of the Party for Democracy and Progress / Socialist Party (PDP / PS), Françoise Toé is little known to the general public. Expert accountant by training, she heads the firm Seccapi. She previously held the position of National Secretary for External Relations of the PDP / PS it represented in France.

Barry Tahirou

Chairman of the National Renaissance Party (PAREN, an opposition party founded by Laurent Bado) Tahirou Barry is a lawyer of 39 years. Born in Gagnoa in Ivory Coast, he rose through the ranks of his party from 1999 before taking the head in 2002. After some journalistic experience, Tahirou Barry works at the University of Ouagadougou (where studied) as director of human resources.

Victorian Tougouma

Little known Burkinabe Victorian Tougouma represent the African Movement of peoples (MAP). Entrepreneur in the logistics transport 42, he also chaired the Junior Chamber International of Burkina (JCI).

Issaka Zampaligré

Independent candidate, is a lawyer Issaka Zampaligré the Bars of Hauts-de-Seine (Paris region) and Burkina Faso. 50 years old, he was born in Tenkodogo, capital of the Central East region.

Harouna Dicko

Opposing the Compaoré regime Harouna Dicko is the president of the new Political Rally (RPN). In 2010, his candidacy was the only one (of the eight registered) has be dismissed he had "not paid bail of 10 million CFA francs (about 15 000), and filed sponsorship certificates "required by the Electoral Code.

Salvador Maurice Yaméogo

Maurice Yameogo Salvador, a son of the first president of Upper Volta, who took the name of Burkina Faso under Sankara era, is one of the last to have filed its case to the Constitutional Council. He is head of the Rally of Democrats for Faso (RDF).

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