Friday, June 3, 2016

Ghana: November 7 election date not feasible - Group

The Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Nana Attobrah Quaicoo has urged parliament to be firm and scrutinize the bill for the consideration of November 7 polls, ensuring  that the Election Management Body does not rush the bill through parliament.

“In as much as the country appears to be desirous of and impatient for change, the Minority should not allow the EC to impose a November 7, 2016 date on us if it cannot convince the country that it has taken the necessary, legitimate, logical, efficient and impartial steps,” Nana Attobrah told  a news conference in Accra Thursday.

Nana Attobrah Quaicoo has raised red flags on the concerns over the practicalities of holding this year’s elections on November 7, with just some few months to the 2016 elections.

He explained that “It is important to recognize that, going by the proposed November 7 date, we have just five months to vote and the law imposes a mandatory freeze on any modification of the active register for this year’s elections, 60 days (or two months) before voting. This means, the entire process of deletion and re-registration of millions of names must be completed before September 7 if the November 7 date should hold.”

“What must be done must be done and nothing should compromise the credibility of elections,” he noted, adding that the whole process  looks like an insurmountable challenge vis a vis EC’s posture on the May 5, Supreme court ruling on the voters register.

According to the think tank Chief, this is where the minority ought to stand firm to ensure a credible, free and fair elections when discussions are held on it on the floor of the house.

Also he said, the EC cannot escape from the Supreme Court decision, hence it must psyche itself to comply with the terms of the May 5 ruling by the apex court without delay.


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