Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zambia: EU observers okay elections, faults state media

The EU observer mission in Zambia has presented its report on the country’s presidential election held last Thursday.

The report noted that the elections were devoid of any major disturbances.

The 120-member election observer mission seemed content with voter turnout estimated at about 57 percent.

The mission’s chief observer,Cecile Kashetu Kyenge, commended the Electoral Commission for its efforts in organising the poll, but said it could have done better.

“The electoral commission also made efforts to increase transparency in the electoral administration, however it did miss some opportunities to further enhance the transparency of the process, as it did not allow international nor domestic observers to access a number of important activities.”

The international election observers however criticised the state media of not being neutral.

The State media was said to have demonstrated systematic bias and it failed to provide fair and equitable coverage of the campaigns.

Some excesses on the part of political parties during the electoral campaign were also revealed.


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