Wednesday, October 5, 2016

DRC opposition leader calls for renewed mediation and protest

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s main opposition parties have made a renewed call for a dialogue and protest against President Joseph Kabila to be held on October 19.

The group also called on the international community and the United Nations to take a more active role in bringing about an inclusive dialogue on elections that have raised tensions in the central African country.

The leader of the biggest opposition party in the country, Etienne Tshisekedi called on supporters to demonstrate on the 19th if progress is not made toward fair elections scheduled for November.
“You must remain vigilant and mobilized as long as the a genuine dialogue will not be held in Kinshasa.” he said.

The timing of the elections is expected to be the main topic of discussions between the parties.
“The gathering of political parties have call for social change and reaffirms its support to the Resolution 2277 of the Security Council of the United Nations, the only framework within which the dialog should take place with a view of putting an end to the politic crisis deliberately created by Mr. Joseph Kabila,“said opposition spokesperson,Delly Sesanga.

A few representatives from the church were present at the meeting and have welcomed “the need for discussions with the framework to agree” expressed by the opposition.
“The whole world is in agreement to respect the Constitution, to hear the speech today, it has not closed the door to dialogue, I believe it is possible.“said Former Deputy General Secretary, Episcopal, Congo,Abbe Donatien Nshole.

The Electoral Commission of the Democratic Republic of the Congo plans to organize the presidential election in 2018, citing logistical constraints as reason for the postponement.
Dozens had died in the capital, Kinshasa after security forces clashed with anti-government demonstrations.


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