Wednesday, August 9, 2017

#KenyaElections: Votes tally and hacking

Kenyans went to the polls yesterday (8/August) and as results started trickling in through an online portal the incumbent, president Uhuru Kenyatta seemed to take a significant lead over his opponent, Raila Odinga, stabilizing around 1.2 million votes with 90% of presidential election results relayed.

The Odinga team rejected the results, claiming a breach in election law where any results transmitted should be accompanied by a form 34A, signed by agents of the candidates at each polling station.
Around midday today (9/August), the opposition leader (Raila Odinga) claimed their secretariat has identified hacking of the IEBC database using the identity of their ICT manager who was murdered a week to the elections to force statistics to favor the incumbent.

The elections management body reaffirmed that the relayed results on the web portal are not final and that they will be scrutinizing the paper trail of the election (each of the polling station must fill a form34A, which is signed by all party agents present after the vote tally is finalized and relayed over GSM network). This may take 7 days (or less) as required by Kenyan electoral laws.

The election hacking allegations to manipulate figures for the incumbent will take centre stage in the days or months ahead as Kenya tries to reconcile digital and paper trail evidence. This is against the hope that the country will hold together, with Kenya having a history of election related violence, the latest being ten years ago involving the same opposition leader, Raila Odinga.

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