Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ghana Elections 2012 : National Election Security Task Force [NESTF] asks for restrain

The National Election Security Task Force [NESTF] wishes to express its profound gratitude to the public for their co-operation and for the good behaviour they have put up so far in the on-going general election.

This is the time for us to continue to support and co-operate with one another to ensure that voting at the few remaining polling stations are successfully completed. The public are further entreated to continue to maintain the peace the country is enjoying.

We, however, wish implore the members of the public to be moderate in the way they go about their celebration to avoid excesses, as it could erode the gains and successes we have all chalked together.

Furthermore, the public are also advised to exercise patience and wait till the Electoral Commission declares the final results before celebration

This is the time for reconciliation, togetherness and nation building, and we must all jealously guard against the gains made.

The public are however cautioned against attacks on vital installations and other facilities. The Police and their Sister Security agencies will not hesitate to do everything legitimate to maintain law and other.


                                                                                              AG. DIRECTOR/PUBLIC AFFAIRS

                                                                         [CEPHAS ARTHUR] DSP

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