Thursday, November 21, 2013

Madagascar: 10% additional voters for second round election

The independent National Electoral Commission for the Transition (CENIT) announced the integration on the electoral lists for the second round of the presidential election, December 20, about 10% of voters more, omitted until then and who were unable to vote in the first round on October 25.

Modified electoral lists will thus be closed on December 5, as indicated in the Midi Madagasikara newspaper. The total number of voters, estimated by the CENIT on the basis of the data in its possession, should exceed 8,500,000," said Béatrice Atallah, President of the CENIT. 7.823.305 voters were registered on the electoral lists for the first round of the Malagasy presidential election, on a total population which varies according to the numbers between 20 and 22 million people.

 Source: Indian Ocean Times

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