Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mozambique Elections: Smooth start to voting with initial high turnout

Voting began on time at 7 am across Mozambique and our journalists report sizeable queues at most polling stations, indicating an initial high turnout. Voting is going smoothly, although sometimes slowly.  Very high turnouts with over 100 people in queues for each polllng station were reported in Ribaue, Gúruè, Lichinga, Maxixe, Chimoio, Gondola, Marrupa, Macia. Bilene, Xai Xai, Nampula, Meuda and Massinga. In some places people had been queuing since 5 am.

But low turnout was noted in a few places such as Montepuez, Chibuto, Angoche, Ulongue. Nhamatanda, and Vilankulo. In Chiure and Moatize our correspondents report high turnout at some polling stations but not at others. There are only a few reports by our journalists and @Verdade citizen correspondents of polling stations which did not open on time, for example in Pemba, Chibuto, Chokwe and Matola. Two polling stations in Nampula reported problems with the registration books, where numbers did not correctly correspond to names.

Candidates are allowed to vote first, and there have been some complaints, for example in Mocuba, candidates were openly urging voters in the queue to select them. Campaigning near the polling station is illegal. Journalists report that 2 MDM delegates were not allowed into a polling station in bairro Samora Machel, Chibuto.

Source:  @Verdade

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