Thursday, February 6, 2014

Egypt army denies Sisi president bid report

Egypt's military was quick to quash a newspaper report Thursday that quoted army chief Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi as saying he will run for president.The interview appeared in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa earlier Thursday. And in it, El-Sisi appeared to confirm what many have long considered a foregone conclusion: that he'll run for president.The decision has been made," he is quoted as saying. "I have to fulfill the people's demands.We don't have a magic wand but we will not tamper with the people's dreams and aspirations," he added. "Let's hold our hands together and work for the country.

Soon afterward, the army responded.What was published in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa is merely journalistic speculation and not a direct statement from Field Marshal El-Sisi," it said in a statement.If he does run, El-Sisi will have to resign his military post. But with no clear contender, his chances of winning the presidency are high.He will become the sixth military leader to rule Egypt since its independence.The only one who was democratically elected, Mohamed Morsy, was ousted by the military on July 3 after months of mass protests against his rule.The interim government has not yet set a firm date for elections; candidates can officially declare themselves on February 18.

Source: BBC

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