Thursday, June 19, 2014

Presidential candidate lists 'evils of governance' in Mauritania

Exposing what he called 'the evils of his country', anti-slavery activist and candidate for the Mauritanian presidential election, Biram Ould Ould Dah Abeid, said he possessed the solutions to the myriad of problems if elected president.

Dah Abeid, the leader of the Initiative of the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA), said Mauritania was a country of coups by army generals, the most recent perpetrated against the first democratically-elected president in the country’s history. He said Mauritania was a 'land of slavery, racism, rights violations, manipulation of justice, generalization and normalization of corruption and the collapse of public education'. He said, if elected president, he would launch a programme to establish the rule of law, revive the economy, ensure a more equitable distribution of national wealth, promote freedom, put an end to oppression, provide relief to victims of oppression, combat injustice and take into account the aspirations of all segments of the Mauritanian society in his administration.

The anti-slavery activist called the incumbent president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, as 'the symbol of exclusion and forfeiture of civil rights' of a section of the Mauritanian society. He alleged that the incumbent president manages the country like a small family business. President Aziz, also running in the polls, came to power 6 August, 2008, following a coup. He was elected President 18 July 2009. Mauritania's presidential election, slated for 21 June, is boycotted by the opposition parties, National Forum for Democracy and Unity (FNDU0 and the Progressive People's Alliance (PPA). Winner of the United Nations Human Rights Prize in 2013, Biram Ould Ould Dah Abeid believes that both the ruling party and the FNDU support 'slavery and inequality'.

Source:  Africa News & Information

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