Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ghana: ‘Talk and practise peace in forthcoming election’

The President of the Southern Ghana Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, Pastor Dr Thomas T. Ocran, has called on all peace-loving Ghanaians to be agents of peace and unity as the country readies itself for the election later in the year.

Peace-loving people, he said, ought to be seen at the forefront of the campaign for peace and unity.

“We must talk peace, preach peace, pray peace and practice peace,” he said.
Pastor Dr Ocran said this at the end of an annual 10-day fasting and prayer for revival and renewal event held by the church worldwide in the first month of every year.

The occasion was used to launch the “Mission to Families,” an intervention aimed at ensuring the growth, unity and stability of families at the Tema Community 3 branch of the church.

Prayer for the nation

He said during the period, the church prayed for peace before, during and after the elections and added that “we have prayed that God would not only give us peace but also the leader that he has chosen for us”.

The belief of the church, he said, was that God had a say in the affairs of the land such that when beseeched, He would hear and answer.

He said Ghana had been touted both locally and internationally as a country with relative peace but that ought not to be taken for granted.

“Being an election year, [it demands that] we must remain earnest in praying for peace,” he urged.

Mission to families
On the “Mission to Families” intervention, he said the church was of the belief that when families were stable, peaceful and united, men and women of the nation would have the peace of mind to give their best to the nation.

“That is to say, when families are okay, the nation will be okay. That is why the devil is attacking marriages and families because when families and marriages are destroyed, the society is also destroyed,” he said.


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