Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Congo: Opposition leader predicts run-off in presidential polls

Congolese opposition presidential aspirant General Jean-Marie Michel Mokoko said President Nguesso will not win the first round of elections, as he announced at the start of campaign.

Speaking at a news conference in Brazzaville, the former presidential adviser said it would be impossible for any candidate to win the March 20 election outright given the electorates in the country.

General Mokoko also said he has signed a charter with four other opposition candidates who will rally behind one candidate to challenge incumbent President Nguesso in the event of a runoff.

The candidates are Pascal Tsaty Mabiala, Claudine Munari, André Okombi Salissa and Guy-Brice Parfait Kolélas.

This comes a few days after President Nguesso, who is seeking a third mandate, promised his supporters a first round win.

Electoral campaigns kicked off last Friday with the President meeting his supporters at the country’s coastal town Pointe-Noire on Saturday.

A total of nine candidates are expected to canvass the country in the hope of getting the country’s top job.


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