Monday, March 14, 2016

South Africa: Opposition fights over president's $200,000 salary

[Selinah Ntobong with RFI] South Africa’s opposition parties are in protest of President Jacob Zuma’s salary increase. They say say he does not deserve it.

Zuma will now earn close to $200,000 dollars a month, following approval by Parliament last week.

The debate on Zuma’s salary hike was part of salary increase discussions by Members of parliament, who also awarded themselves a 4.5 per cent hike.

The main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance took to twitter to voice out their discontent about the move

On one of the tweets with an embedded video, the Chief Whip of the party John Steenhuisen is heard saying “ with Nkandla, the president of South Africa drove over us all with the bus.

In December last year, he put the bus in reverse and reversed over all of us, including his own ANC comrades. He then crashes the bus! He then crashes the bus and comes cap in hand to the taxpayers of South Africa and says I’ve done a great job, give me a raise. We say far for so far and for so further”

In January the South Africa’s Minister of finance Pravin Gordan had proposed that that salary increases be frozen as a cost cutting measure.

“We have to look where we cut in respect of the things we are doing already.Unless as i said we grow the revenue base.”

172 Members of Parliament voted in favour of Zuma’s salary increase, while 81 voted against it.


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