Monday, April 25, 2016

DRC: Opposition hold huge rally to protest against Kabila’s mandate

Opposition in Democratic Republic of Congo held a massive rally in Kinshasa to show their solidarity and strength in winning the upcoming election.

The leaders reiterated their refusal to participate in a national dialogue wanted by President Kabila and also rejected any further postponement of the presidential election.

“The key to our democracy is the presidential election and it should to be held within at a convenient time for the opposition,” said Delly Sesanga, a member of the opposition.

The second issue is that Mr. Kabila doesn’t keep his word. How do we go there then?

“The dialogue will be same to the one we did two years ago with 100 resolutions and recommendations. Ho many have been implemented so far? The second issue is that Mr. Kabila doesn’t keep his word. How do we go there then?” Said Jean-Claude Mvuemba.

At the end of November last year, Mr. Kabila had announced his intention to convene a “inclusive national dialogue” intended to allow a consensus on the electoral calendar and the financing of elections, but five months later, the project is yet to materialize.

Kabila who has ruled the Central African country since 2001 has not made his intentions clear as to whether he will stand for a third term in office despite the constitution hindering him from doing so.

Political tensions are high in Congo. At least 40 people were killed in January 2015 during demonstrations against alleged plans by Kabila to extend his rule.


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