Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The Western region is largely considered a swing region as has since the fourth republic swung in favor of different political parties in both the presidential and parliamentary elections.

In 1996, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) won in both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. In 2000 however, it swung in favour of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and they won by 62.5%. In 2004, the Western region kept faith with the NPP by giving them 57.7% in the Presidential election and a majority of 12 seats in Parliament. In 2008 however, the NDC won with 51.9% and majority seats of 11.
The trend continued in 2012 with the NDC again winning with 54.4% with a whopping 18 parliamentary seats out of 26.

In 2016 however, the swing region swung in favor of the NPP by giving them 16 parliamentary seats out of 26 and 52.4% of presidential results. 
Jomoro is an NDC stronghold since 1996. The Convention People’s Party (CPP) won it in 2008 with Samia Nkrumah but lost to the NDC in 2012. The NDC lost the seat to the NPP in 2016.

In Prestea Huni Valley, the NDC has held the seat until the recent election.
Amenfi East is considered largely an NDC stronghold though the NPP has won it before.

In Akontobra, the NPP won for the first time because the incumbent stood as in independent candidate after losing the primaries.

Sewhi Wiaso, the constituency of the Western regional minister also for the first time fell for the NPP’s Dr Kweku Afriyie.

The party is contesting some of the results in court despite winning 61% of the Parliamentary seats. The party says it is convinced that seats such as Suaman, Ellembele, Amenfi Central and Juaboso were won by the NPP and not the NDC.

Communication Director of the NPP Okatakyie Omankwa Afrifa tells Francis Whajah that they believe they won and they will head to court to seek an order for a recount.


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