Thursday, October 31, 2013

Madagascar: Robinson ahead of provisional results threatened with disqualification

The poster of the candidate Jean-Louis Robinson with his side's campaign the couple Ravalomanana could be subjected to a complaint on the part of some candidates in the presidential election who wish to apply following the disqualification of Jean-Louis Robinson, as indicated by and sites.  Discussions would be underway between the various protest parties to lead the initiative.
A meeting of the various parliamentary groups represented in the Congress of the Transition should also be held soon to finalise the request for disqualification of the Jean-Louis Robinson candidate backed by the Ravalomanana movement and is very much at the top of the first provisional results of the 1st round of the Malagasy presidential election, with nearly 31% of the votes cast. However, this meeting was not unanimous, as several political signatories of the Roadmap have rejected outright the possibility to join an application for disqualification of Jean-Louis Robinson.

Source: Indian Ocean Times

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