Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nigeria: 5,000 election monitors gets training

To ensure that the forthcoming general election is credible, the Odua Liberation Movement (OLM) said it has trained 5000 election monitors to complement the efforts of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) .

Speaking during a one-day symposium organised by the OLM in partnership with Network Of Yoruba Alliance (NEYA) in Lagos, the national co-ordinator of OLM, Comrade Olugbenga Awosode said the event was put together as part of voter education initiated by the group.

The group explained that with the lapses by the INEC it has become imperative for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other organised groups like OLM to provide ancillary services in support of INEC’s preparations.

Olugbenga noted that the postponement of the election and apparent disturbances across the country has created apathy in the minds of voters and that there is need to reassure them of adequate security during the general elections.

He pointed out that the decision to train and deploy election monitors is to ensure that rigging is significantly minimised.

“The monitors are community leaders who are designated to monitor and report to OLM secretariat activities on the election days including possible human rights violation.

We call on our people to prepare for a long struggle for survival and livelihood as all evidence point to the fact that there would be crises no matter who wins the election’ he said.

The group demanded for restructuring of the country in such a way that the nation federating units are allowed to develop at their own pace.

According to him, We therefore demand

for immediate restructuring of Nigeria soon after the new government is inaugurated. Let there be no illusion that meaningful development and peace can be achieved in Nigeria by any political party or any person without first restructuring Nigeria.

Awosode also condemned military siege on the residence of APC leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Imo government house, describing it as reminiscence of military era.


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