Friday, May 8, 2015

Burkina Faso: Court backs ban on ex-president's confidants running in elections

Burkina Faso's constitutional court on Wednesday rejected an appeal filed by 10 parliamentarians from the former ruling party over the electoral code that bars confidants of ex-President Blaise Compaore from running in October's elections, judicial sources have said.

According to the court ruling, the appeal was rejected "because of lack of signatures of those appealing."

Burkina Faso is expected to hold presidential and legislative elections on Oct. 11 as Compaore was forced to step down amid mass protests in October last year.

The new electoral code, signed by transition President Michel Kafando in April, forbids those who supported last year's proposed constitutional changes to extend Compaore's 27 year rule, to contest the elections.

Civil society organizations affiliated to the former government have denounced the new electoral code and threatened to stage protests across the country.


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