Friday, May 8, 2015

Guinea: Opposition leader declines presidential invitation for election talks

Unless last-minute change, the leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) declined the invitation of President Alpha Condé, expected  this Friday at 10 am , according to Dr Fode Oussou, vice president of UFDG . The reason given solidarity to victims of repression of forces including the Cement factory, we will inform you.

"You can not kidnap us, mortally wounding our activists a day and we ask to receive the next day," explained Fode Oussou.

While everything came together to respond to the presidential invitation  Friday , the leader of the opposition had to reconsider its decision given the evolution of recent events.

According to our sources, before taking the final decision, Diallo would have referred the matter to the internal assessment of his party. On one side there are those who would have liked it to go tell the truths to President Conde. On the other, there are those who have asked to reconsider its position in sign of solidarity with the opposition, which was a victim of kidnapping and its militants of police brutality.

"The president will no longer go Cellou meet with Alpha in solidarity to the victims," ​​said another member of the party of Diallo.

For his party, Diallo is certainly committed to peace and dialogue but it can not respond to an invitation when it is sequestered, its members prevented from returning to his home and its militants repressed by the security forces order.

"Today, everyone is angry, we have a dead, gunshot victims and activists who have lost everything to the cement plant. They emptied the stores of their contents. The cons-demonstrators were supported by the security forces, is revolting, "says one.


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