Thursday, May 12, 2016

Comoros: Former president reelected as president

[Africanews/ AFP] Colonel Azali Assoumani, is the president-elect of Comoros, according to provisional results released on Thursday morning after a partial presidential election, ordered by the Constitutional Court.

According to the National Independent Electoral Commission, Colonel Azali Assoumani, got 2.27% of votes as against 1.30% by his rival and outgoing leader Soilihi Mohamed Ali.

Provisional results from this round added to the initial results of the April poll, allow Assoumani to stay ahead, according to vice-president of the electoral commission, Nadjahe Allawi

Assoumani will be heading to the Beit-Salam presidential palace for the second time, after his first stint between 1999 and 2006 was ended by a coup.

The Constitutional Court is expected to validate these results in the coming days, with the inauguration of the new president scheduled for May 26.

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