Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ghana: EU calls for violence-free, fair elections

The European Union (EU) Ambasador to Ghana, William Hanna is appealing to Ghanaians to have fair and transparent elections in November.

The EU is providing a €5million donor support towards the elections. At the official launch of the support in Accra Wednesday May 18, Mr Hanna said that: “It is important that the voters in Ghana will exercise their right, each and every one of them, without any form of intimidation or violence. It is important that the process is a level playing field with all actors having equal opportunities to inform the electorate, which comes back to what the National Media Commission has been emphasising.”

The donor support is aimed at improving the work of the Electoral Commission (EC), National Media Commission (NMC), and National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) towards the presidential and parliamentary polls.

Mr Hanna further stated that: “We will have people coming down to look whether we [will] observe the elections and that is something we will do [but] not to interfere with the process...”

He further disclosed that beyond the funds, additional support will be offered by some member-states to ensure a successful election.

“Some of our member-states who have their ambassadors here are also giving additional support in certain specific areas of attention. We attach to the area of supporting democracy throughout Africa, particularly here in Ghana, some level of importance and we will continue to work with your institutions not only for the elections this year, but for the future of democracy and for the sustainability of Ghana [in terms of political stability],” Mr Hanna stated.

For his part, Ghana’s Finance Minister, Seth Terkper, acknowledged the grant by the EU and stated that it would contribute significantly towards stabilising the democracy of the country.

He expressed appreciation to all the member-states and development partners of the EU, who have committed to ensuring a successful election on November 7.

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