Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Namibia: Namibia too small to suffer - opposition leader

Nudo’s presidential candidate says the population of Namibia is too small for people to suffer poverty and the unequal distribution of resources.

“If I am elected into power, the first thing I will do is reduce the number of Cabinet ministers by half and dedicate all resources to the poor,” Nudo president Asser Mbai said at the weekend, while addressing a Nudo rally at Otjiwarongo Commando Three.

He said he is disturbed by the fact that the majority of Namibians are poor, adding that only a few people are enriching themselves through the country’s natural resources.

Mbai said Namibia has a small population of about 2.2 million people, and he does not see why such a small population should suffer from poverty.

He blamed the Swapo-led government for allegedly allowing corruption to increase during its leadership of the country.

He also blamed the ruling party for allegedly creating jobs for its supporters and friends only.
Mbai said the establishment of the Vision 2030 was a good idea.
However, he said the Swapo government’s mid-term economic policies like the National Development Plans (NDPs) and others are too slow.

He urged Namibians to turn up in large numbers on November 28 and vote for Nudo.
“I urge you to vote for me for president, and also for Nudo to have more seats in Parliament so that we can turn around the situation in this country,” said Mbai.

He promised to continue the legacy of the late OvaHerero Paramount Chief and Nudo president Kuaima Riruako, who died in June.

He said Nudo is the only political party determined to bring about true peace, equality and social justice for all Namibians.

Mbai was accompanied by the founder of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM Joseph Kauandenge.

Kauandenge and his followers have pledged their support to Nudo during this year’s general elections.

The Namibian Sun

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