Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Namibia: No voting alternative for travellers

 NAMIBIANS who are eligible to vote in the country will not be allowed to vote anywhere else if they are not in the country on 28 November 2014.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia's director of operations Theo Mujoro told The Namibian that only those who are registered under international missions will be allowed to vote outside the country.
The polling date for international missions and seagoing personnel is slated for 14 November 2014, but Mujoro said this date is strictly for those that have registered as seagoing or foreign mission voters.
"If a voter who registered in the country travels abroad, they won't be allowed to vote on 14 or 28 November outside of the country," warned Mujoro. Mujoro advised that if voters who have registered in the country want to cast their vote, they should ensure that they are in the country on the day of the elections.
Similarly, Mujoro said those who have registered abroad will not be allowed to vote in the country on 28 November.
"We want to avoid a situation where people turn up to vote twice on 14 as well as 28 November. We will enforce strict control measures using the latest technology of Voter Verification Devices to help us verify the voters' cards," he said.
Mujoro also said the ECN is in talks with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources to ensure that only seagoing personnel turn up to vote on 14 November.
"Only those that have been registered as seagoing voters will be allowed to vote on that day, everyone else in the country will be expected to vote on 28 November," he said.
 The Namibian

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