Monday, November 24, 2014

Namibia: Opposition bemoans absence of voters' roll

DTA president McHenry Venaani has informed the SADC election observer mission that his party still has not been provided with the voters’ roll.
“It’s a recurrent problem before every election,” Venaani said.
He demanded that the voter register be made available immediately.
Venaani also mentioned to the SADC observers who were present at a DTA rally held on Saturday at the John Nankudhu Sport Field in Wanaheda that no political party other than Swapo is allowed to hoist flags on trees and in other public places in the Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions.
He reported that his party came second to Swapo in early election results from the foreign missions, especially in the United Kingdom and Malaysia.
He called on the audience to first vote for the country and then the political party of their choice.
“Vote for Namibia so that the country cannot be sold to the Chinese interest,” he said.
He added that he and the DTA are demanding foreign direct investment and they are not going to sell the country to anyone.
“We say no to the establishment of any Chinese or American military bases in this country,” he emphasised.
He further said that there are no Namibian manual labourers in any Asian country and wanted to know why Chinese manual labourers are given visas to Namibia.
Venaani promised greater emphasis on vocational training under a DTA government so that Namibians can equally compete in the labour market. He promised to create youth venture capital so that youth can start small businesses to create jobs.
He said there is a land crisis and that Windhoek has become the property of the city councillors.
“One of the projects under the DTA government will be urban resettlement to ensure that the poor can own land. We shall also subsidise first-time home owners,” he promised.
He said his government would provide more serviced land through public-private partnerships.
According to him Swapo has become a party of the elite, who have forgotten that the youth have no jobs.
“New parliament [building] to the tune of N$700 million is planned and what is budgeted for development? We do not need a new jet aircraft!” he stressed.
Jennifer van der Heever, chairman of the DTA, shared with the audience what she described as the DTA’s honest vision and mission to move the nation’s socio-economic agenda forward.
According to her, transformation and renewal in any political organisation is essential towards ensuring continued relevance in an ever-changing world.
“In a changing world, the election of the DTA president on September 9, 2013 was a resounding call for transformation and renewal in the organisation,” she said.
She maintained that a young and dynamic leadership is needed to drive transformation in the DTA, to ensure that the party is relevant to the needs of the Namibian electorate and to re-establish it as a significant force in the local political context.
Van der Heever said the transformation is also aimed at providing Namibians with a credible and viable political alternative to the current ruling party.

“For the love of our beloved Namibia, the DTA would like to see that issues and concerns of national interest will receive top priority,” she said.

The Namibian Sun

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