Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Togo: EU funds deployment of 1200 observers for elections

The National Consultation of civil society in Togo (CNSC) officially launched on Tuesday in Lome the project "Election Observation Mission of the Togolese civil society to the 2015 presidential election in Togo" to certify the credibility of the electoral process.

 Funded by the Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union in Togo, Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, this project aims to support the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and other stakeholders in the electoral process in solutions to be made ​​to malfunction. 

The mission also aims to strengthen the participation of the Togolese civil society in observing the electoral process in order to give credibility to the process, to ensure the involvement and participation of citizens to verify and validate the credibility of process. 

"We will deploy 1,200 observers on election day who will be present at the polling stations to ensure compliance with the rules governing elections and the behavior of politicians, citizens, law enforcement and those managing the electoral process in the polling stations, follow the work of media professionals in terms of coverage of the election campaign and monitor the work of local independent electoral commissions, "said Paul Am├ęgakpo, executive director of the CNSC and Project Coordinator.

The CNSC, in this election in his pays particular innovation is to equip the electoral observation process of a scale. In the presidential election of 5 April 2015, the CNSC, through citizen Synergy for Democratic Elections (SYCED) no longer be content with a rating of "global" but in each case.

"That is to say, that from that moment, all the elements that assess a credible and reliable election will object annotation through previously defined indicators and analysis that is used to assign notes to all Appreciation for election elements, this to avoid that the end of our mission, we are not only limited to an assessment of satisfactory or not but significant advance quantitative data by all stakeholders, "a- he supported.

To the Ambassador of the European Union Berlanga Martinez, in addition to dialogue with the authorities and the various institutions guiding the electoral process, support the EU elections includes more concrete activities to strengthen the credibility of the electoral process to have a transparent ballot, pluralistic, inclusive, law-abiding and peaceful. The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) supports the initiative of civil society. JA


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