Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Togo: UNDP and constitutional court organises forum on electoral disputes

Who says election said - sometimes - litigation. The Constitutional Court, in partnership with UNDP, organized Monday Kpalimé (120km from Lomé) a meeting on this issue within one month of the presidential election.

The participants - members of political parties and representatives of civil society - will address the various stages of electoral disputes.

Whatever the analysis can be done about the idea of ​​political representation in relation to democracy, the dispute appears to be the technique that ensures as much as possible, fairness and regularity of the representation in electoral democracy. Now there is no dispute without election. Indeed, pluralistic election is now essential to measure the legitimacy of rulers; and litigation is essential to ensure the credibility of the electoral process.

In other words, the use of electoral disputes by political actors and adherence thereof to the very idea of ​​this mechanism demonstrate their maturity and that of the general population, and reveal the level of development Company policy.

Judges of electoral disputes, the Sages of the Togolese Constitutional Court must master the art of cheating distinguish true from the usual chicanery which engage some unsuccessful candidates after the election

Several celebrities attended the seminar including the presidents of Togo and Niger Constitutional Courts, the UNDP representative, Kardhiata Lo Ndiaye, the president of the CENI, Issifou Taffa Tabiou and the Secretary of State in charge of relations with Institutions the republic, Christian Trimua.


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