Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Burkina Faso: Bishops call for transparent elections

Describing political responsibility as a “high form of charity,” the bishops of Burkina Faso have issued a pastoral letter calling for “peaceful elections, free and transparent,” according to a national news site.

President Blaise Compaoré led the West African nation from 1987 until 2014 and was overthrown in an uprising. Elections are scheduled for October 11.

“Transparent elections with credible and acceptable results will not be given to us as if by magic,” the bishops said. “They come from our comportment and our language. Resentment, revenge, and jealousy will only further weaken our social fabric.”

The nation of 16.9 million is 61% Muslim, 15% Catholic, and 15% animist.

Source: www.catholicculture.org

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