Monday, September 14, 2015

Niger: Former speaker of parliament to lead opposition in Feb 2016 elections

Hama Amadou was on Sunday, invested as the candidate  of Nigerian Democratic Movement (Moden) for the February 2016 presidential election, the first to officially declare intentions for this election.

The former Speaker of Parliament, Hama Amadou, exiled in France for a year, was invested o Sunday, September 13th candidate in the 2016 presidential election by his party, the Nigerian Democratic Movement (Moden).

"We decided to invest Hama Amadou, who is the only hope for Niger, candidate for the 2016 presidential election," said in a statement Moden third political force. It is the first candidate officially declared the presidential vote, whose first round, coupled with legislation, is expected February 21, 2016.

Hama Amadou was invested in his absence by an extraordinary congress of Moden in Zinder, in the presence of thousands of his supporters and opposition leaders. Opponent of President Mahamadou Issoufou, he had hurriedly left the country in late August 2014 after approval by the members of his court hearing in a suspected baby trafficking case.

Amadou - Issoufou, personal rivalry?

Twenty people, continued in this folder "assumption of children," crime of attributing motherhood of a child to a woman not having given birth. All are accused of involvement in trafficking babies were conceived in Nigeria and brought to Niger.

Hama Amadou for many months denounced a "political issue" to "the rule of the presidential" while the government talks about a "common-law record." "This case has been used as a pretext to be able to stop. It is a political issue. And no legal procedures for lifting the immunity of a Member, let alone the president of the National Assembly, was respected, "he said Sept. 15 in Jeune Afrique.

Expressing convinced qu'Issoufou was ready to eliminate it, he claimed while the president or his family "would have brought a poison Libya, whose effects would not have occurred a few months after ingestion." "This gentleman has problems with the justice of his country, not with the president or with the government," responded Mahamadou Issoufou.

Pre-election tension

The climate has recently tended to Niger, to the point that the UN asked, Thursday, September 10, the "subsided and credible" elections to guarantee the "stability". Opponents accuse for many months the President Issoufou to cause splits in their training to ensure his reelection.

In August, the opposition has mostly rejected the timetable set by the Electoral Commission, alleging a lack of "consensus." Criticizing the Constitutional Court, which validates the applications and the results of the elections for his "allegiance" to the president, including calls it an audit of the electoral roll and the holding of local elections ahead of the presidential election.

"I did not intend to change the composition of the electoral commission, nor to interfere in its decisions" about it was answered Mahamadou Issoufou, in the interview with Jeune Afrique  above. His interior minister, Hassoumi Massaoudou, had also ruled out any change in the schedule, a few days earlier.


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