Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nigeria: 2 dead in opposition rally violence

The All Progressive Congress, (APC) rally in Gbagada area of Lagos State yesterday was interrupted by violence as political thugs clashed at the venue leading to the death of two people.

It was learnt that trouble started midway into the campaign when one of the speakers was addressing supporters.

The rally that started on a peaceful accord saw members dressed in the party attire. However, problem started when opposing group took up weapons against each other.

According to an eyewitness, one of the groups, which arrived at the venue late started causing pandemonium as party members were seen running in confusion.

Men of the Nigerian Police force were drafted to the venue to help bring some sanity to the area and in the process they were able to revive one of the thugs stabbed laying helplessly on the ground.

Before Fashola began his speech, teargas were shot outside the venue to dispel the hoodlums who had invaded the rally.

Governor Babatunde Fashola, in his speech claimed that, “President Goodluck Jonathan has shown impunity on Lagos roads, stating that “the President and his party, People’s Democratic Party, PDP, removed business banners already paid for to fix theirs without consulting the appropriate authority.”

He noted that the action of the President was a testimony to the fact that they are desperately in need to continue to stay in power come February 14th.

In his words; “Today also, I saw the desperation of the President and his party. On the third mainland bridge, all the president posters and banners have flooded it. In the constitution, the local government has the responsibility to manage adverts; that is one of their sources of generating revenue.

“And they have been working with Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency, LASAA, not only to clean up the state but to put an institutionalized framework for advert management. But the President and his supporters have taken over the advert spots on the road.”

-Daily Post

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