Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zambia: Police recalls officers on leave for Jan 20 polls

The Zambia Police has recalled all its officers on leave until after elections to beef up the security situation in the country.

Inspector General Stella Libongani said the move had become necessary because of the high incidences of violence and also the weight of security responsibility in view of the January, 20 presidential elections.

Libongani said the cancellation of leave days will increase manpower in the country to curb possible political troublemakers in the heat of the campaigns.

The political sphere has recorded heightened incidences of violence in the recent past mostly involving UPND and PF cadres.

"I have cancelled all leave days to beef up security before and during elections. So all officers are active now everywhere," she said.

Meanwhile, The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has appealed to the Police to firmly deal with the perpetrators of electoral violence if the country is to have free, fair and credible election next week.

FODEP Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi has expressed concern over the continued violence among political party cadres who are seriously ignoring the electoral code of conduct.

Chipenzi says it is extremely worrying to see cadres break the law with no fear a few days before the country goes to the polls.

He wonders why political violence is taking centre stage when the electoral code of conduct does not allow anyone to display offensive weapons during the election period.

Chipenzi adds that it is surprising to note that the perpetrators of violence are engaging in such acts with impunity.

He says the violence being witnessed if left unchecked will make the country a lawless society.

The FODEP Executive Director has since appealed to political party leaders to strongly condemn violence and tame their cadres by encouraging them to promote peace and unity ahead of the presidential election.
 -Zambia Reports

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