Monday, October 20, 2014

Botswana election preparations in full swing

Election preparations are in full swing in Botswana as over 800 000 Botswana have registered to vote in the country's 11th general elections to be held on Friday.

While the opposition has been on an offensive ahead of this year’s polls, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party believes it has done a lot to deserve another term.

The party's leader and state President, Ian Khama, says the party will continue to improve the lives of people.

“Batswana are happy with the programs of the domkrag government. If you want us to continue, I promise we will better our programs for Batswana to benefit. That is to secure your future. There is no government in Africa, forget parties in Botswana, there is no government in Africa that can compete with us that is why we are always number one.”

Meanwhile, the opposition, Botswana Congress Party, believes there is a need for change of guard in Botswana. Party president Dumelang Saleshando says they are ready to lead.

“The general theme for our campaign is that we are not only ready for election day, but we are ready to lead. We've been on the road campaigning with our manifesto and people generally know the key issues from our manifesto. So, yes we have had a good campaign. The only handicap is that we still don't have state funding of political parties.”


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