Friday, October 3, 2014

Mozambique Needs a Young President- MDM Youth Leader

Chimoio — The opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement, campaigning in the central city of Chimoio, has argued that the country needs a young president - and so voters ought to elect the MDM leader and presidential candidate, Daviz Simango.

“In truth, this country deserves someone with a fresh head, such as Daviz Simango”, argued Eduardo Brito, head of the MDM Youth League in Chimoio and a member of the local municipal assembly. “A young person who doesn't yet have many problems will govern the country better”.

Simango is the youngest of the three candidates standing in the presidential election scheduled for 15 October. He is 50 years old, while the candidate of the ruling Frelimo Party, Filipe Nyusi, is 55, and the leader of the former rebel movement Renamo, Afonso Dhlakama, is 61.

This was one of the themes of the MDM canvassing on Wednesday in the Agostinho Neto neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Chimoio.

Brito also urged the 20 or so members of his MDM brigade not to respond to any provocation from their opponents. “When we are provoked, let's just say ‘Thank you', take another path and continue our work”, he said.

Brito lashed out at the allegedly poor quality of public health care, and the shortage of medicines in the natonal health service. He claimed that the public health units prescribe paracetamol for all problems - but in the private clinics “the good medicines are there. Where do those medicines come from?”

He suggested that brand new hospitals built by the Frelimo government were of no use because of the shortage of drugs, and claimed that Frelimo leaders have their own children treated in private clinics or abroad.

After explaining to his audience the positions occupied by the MDM and by Simango on the parliamentary and presidential ballot papers, Brito advised the voters not to argue with other parties who came to the neighbourhood seeking their votes.

“When another party comes and asks for your votes, don't get into a discussion”, he said. “Tell them you're listening, but when 15 October comes vote for the MDM so that we can have another government and do what is happening in Beira, Quelimane and Nampula (the three cities won by the MDM in last year's municipal elections) where people are living well”.

Source: AIM

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