Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mozambique: Military observers deployed after disputed results

The government announced Wednesday that foreign military observers would be deployed to ensure that the post-election period does not lead to violence.

Foreign military observers will be deployed in four provinces of Mozambique at the end of October, announced Wednesday, October 22 Jose Pacheco, Minister of Agriculture and head of the government delegation to the talks with Renamo, the main opposition party, which still has armed men after two years of simmering guerrilla.

According to the minister, the deployment of foreign troops will create "the conditions to begin integrating Renamo fighters in Mozambican police and the army." Nine countries could participate in sending military observers, Botswana, Britain, Cape Verde, Italy, Kenya, Portugal, South Africa, the United States and Zimbabwe.
Presidential and parliamentary elections were held on October 15 and the final results are not yet known but Frelimo, in power since independence in 1975, looks set to establish itself widely, with about 60% of the vote.
Following these elections, Renamo has accused the government of having massively defrauded but the party leader, former guerrilla Afonso Dhlakama, who was a candidate for president, has pledged not to resort to violence .
Analysts note that political violence has never really stopped in Mozambique for decades and American and European observers were surprised Tuesday of some "irregularities" and the slow pace of counting votes.
"Despite the good conditions of the vote on the same day, post-elections have many problems," reported the Election Observation Mission of the European Union.


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