Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mozambique's Opposition Leader, Dhlakama, Attracts Large Crowds in Quelimane

The entrance into Quelimane on Saturday of Renamo candidate Afonso Dhlakama paralysed the city. The road from the airport was virtually impassable with large crowds on the road. The parade for the Renamo leader had hundreds of bicycles and motorcycles as well as 24 cars.

Our local journalist notes that the Renamo parade met a large MDM parade which was also occupying most of the road, but which squeezed over to let the Renamo caravan pass without incident.

Football in Vilanculos

In Mapinhane, Vilanculos, Inhambane the 30th day of the campaign was marked by a football match between members and supporters of Frelimo and MDM, with each side wearing the party shirts. The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Police post in Frelimo building

A police post is covered with posters for Frelimo and its presidential candidate Filipe Nyusi. After being alerted by public complaints, one of journalists visited the police post in Baiao, Bunhica, Machava, Matola and confirmed the posters. This was also confirmed by Maputo province police spokesman Emidio Mabunda, who explained that because of a lack of facilities in that area, the police post is an annex of the local Frelimo office. The posters are entirely the responsibility of Frelimo, not the police, he said. But apparently no one had thought that the party posters might be inappropriate and should be removed.

Police say they only arrested MDM and Renamo last week

Police arrested 10 members of MDM and Renamo across the country during the week 20-26 September. But despite the violence in Gaza, widely reported to have been perpetrated by Frelimo, there were no arrests of Frelimo members, according to Maputo city police spokesman Pedro Cossa.

This is his list of incidents as reported by Cossa during the week of campaigning:

Sofala: MDM member Felix Domingos was arrested on 20 September after going to the Frelimo headquarters in Mafambisse and allegedly physically attacking Frelimo members.

Also on the 20th MDM member Costa Sousa was arrested in Beira after being caught on top of a street light in Ponta Gea pulling down Frelimo posters.

On the 21st a person only named as Ibraimo was arrested for damaging Frelimo posters.

Zambezia: Renamo member Isaac Cesar was caught on 20 October damaging Frelimo campaign material and arrested.

In Gurue on the 21st, Samito Varela was arrested from taking campaign material from a Frelimo car. On the 22nd in Caromane, Molumbo district, Nanias and Francisco were arrested after they were caught damaging Frelimo campaign material. On the 23rd in Lugela, Renamo supporter Bonifacio was detained after being caught destroying Frelimo posters.

Tete: In Tete, a man named only as Tito has made a formal complaint to the police that he was physically attacked by the local Frelimo Political Delegate, Arlindo.

In Zambue, Zumbo, Renamo supporter Joaquim was arrested for destroying Frelmo campaign material.

Nampula: On 25 September an unspecified number of Renamo supporters and members carried a mock coffin covered in Frelimo posters and photos of Frelimo candidate Filipe Nyusi and were chanting Frelimo and Nyusi have died.

Niassa: on 25 September and MDM member was arrested for putting down Renamo posters.

Gaza: In Xai-Xai unidentified people attacked MDM member Stelio. .

In Chokwe, Chibuto and Bilene, Frelimo and MDM caravans met and were involved in scuffles. In Chokwe 10 people were lightly injured 10 and taken to hospital for treatment, and four cars were damaged. In Chibuto, eight people were injured including a policeperson. In Bilene three cars were damaged - two Frelimo and one MDM, and MDM member Antonio Frangoulis fired six shots in the air from his pistol..

In Manjacaze unidentified people set up a barricade to prevent the MDM caravan from entering the town.

Photos of the Frelimo preparations for attacks on MDM in Chibuto have been posted on macua.blogs: A3o-dos-dist%C3%BArbios-da-frelimo-contra-o-mdm-em-chibuto.html

Elsewhere on the campaign trail

In Nacala-a-Velha, Nampula, there are some complaints from the opposition, but the three main parties are positive about the campaign.

Artur Lenco of Renamo said there had been some provocations but Renamo had not responded and the campaign has proceeded in a good spirit. MDM's Marcelino Nassopera reports intimidations and disruptions, but nothing serious. Frelimo's Celestino Linha says that despite claims by the opposition, the Frelimo campaign has been orderly and respectful.

Balama, Cabo Delgado, reports a positive campaign. Today will be a big day for MDM with the arrival of its presidential candidate, Daviz Simango. Renamo had an internal meeting over the weekend. Frelimo and Renamo both say they are putting their stress on smaller villages in the district. PAHUMO is doing door-to-door canvassing.

Funhalouro, Inhambane reports an orderly campaign by the three main parties, with no problems.

In Alto Molocue, Zambezia, MDM held a march through the main streets of the town yesterday, Tuesday. Frelimo and Renamo are stressing door-to-door canvassing. The smaller parties have not been campaigning.

In Mandimba, Niassa, Renamo members waited all day Saturday for their leader, Afonso Dhlakama, who finally spoke on the telephone. Frelimo and MDM are doing door to door canvassing, while Frelimo continues to put up more posters and MDM has held local rallies.

In Mavago, Niassa, MDM member Jafar Daiton was arrested Sunday, accused of vandalising Frelimo posters, MD district campaign head Issa Matife accused the police of acting for Frelimo. The police refused to comment.

By Joseph Hanlon.

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