Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sudan: Elections conducted by the same commission hailed by Britain and America, turnout was 45%

Khartoum - The President of the National Election Commission Prof. Mukhtar Al-Asam said the 2015 elections was managed by an independent Commission,  which was the same commission that managed the 2010 elections which the United States of America, Britain and Norway testified in favour of its integrity. He said it managed the elections in a higher level of accuracy and integrity this time.

Al-Asam added in an interview with Sudan News Agency (SUNA) yesterday, that the commission was appointed in 2009 during the term of the interim governance and was selected in the presence of Sudan’s People Liberation Movement and the National Gathering when they were part of the Parliament in which the National Congress Party represents 52% and the opposition 48%.
He elaborated that the Commission stands on the top of the system followed by 18 high committees   formed by the same level of neutrality and integrity comprising of six members and a chairperson, then comes the centre’s of elections and their committees and all their members totaling 60,000 Sudanese nationals selected by the Commission from qualified Sudanese elements non-partisan and not loyal to the government.

He went on to state that the independent commission has involved the participant parties in all the steps including demarcation of constituencies , the electoral record, the nomination and the electoral campaigns. Alasum said that the commission has allowed during polling the presence of the representatives of the political parties and the agents of the candidates inside the centers’ throughout the periods of tally and sorting and the signature of the results prior to announcing them in the presence of the journalists and the observers from the different countries and regions.

He said the turnout percentage has reached 42% on Tuesday without including the data coming from five states, saying that this percentage which is expected to increase further exceeds the international percentage and it is a percentage higher than the turnout percentage in the last elections in the United States and Britain.

He added that all the observers including the observers of the African Union, the Arab League, China, Russia, and Latin America along with all the group of domestic and international observers have testified that the election operation was conducted with full integrity and neutrality without any polarization and the failure of a number of the candidates of the ruling party boosts the integrity of elections.

Al-Asam outlined that elections progressed quietly and safely with any reports of electoral violence.

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