Monday, April 13, 2015

Togo: Presidential hopefuls kick start campaign

Mohamed Tchassona-Traoré, the candidate of the MCD, will on Monday in the Lakes Prefecture. It was Sunday rally in Baguida, Bè-Bassadi and Amoutivé. A further Togo is possible and I hope embodies this', he insisted.

His challenger ADDI Aimé Tchabouré Gogué was meanwhile in the Plateaux-western Region. A Danyi and surrounding localities, the candidate promised to revitalize the economy. He pledged to solve in the first months of his term, the water supply problems and develop road infrastructure.

Mr. Gogué is committed to make a single mandate to enable alternation and to undertake reforms for a majority vote in two rounds.

In the Savannah region, Gerry Taama, the candidate of NET, advocated breaking and urged voters to give it massive support on 25 April.

Monday, Jean-Pierre Fabre will be campaigning in the Kara region where he should cross many UNITE very active militants since Friday.

First field trip to Faure Gnassingbe. It will be in the day Notsé and two other locations in the region.


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