Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sudan: Opposition calls for boycott of elections

Opposition Sudan Call forces called to boycott the presidential and legislative elections the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) prepare to organise on 13 April and exhorted to step up efforts to topple the regime.

In a statement issued on the 30th anniversary of 6 April 1985 popular uprising which ended the rule of general Jafar Numiri, the coalition of the political and armed opposition forces said the government obstructed the African Union brokered pre-dialogue meeting and aborted the German initiative to facilitate a negotiated settlement.

The statement further said by doing so, the NCP insists to move forward in the path of war and rejects a negotiated solution, leaving the choice of a peaceful uprising for the opposition forces.

“Thus the Sudan Call forces appeal on the masses of our people to escalate the resistance against the fraudulent elections and overlook its, results and to continue the resistance campaigns until the overthrow of the regime,” the opposition forces said.

National Umma Party (NUP) leader Sadiq al-Mahdi on Sunday accused the NCP of using all the means of the Sudanese state to ensure the reelection of its leader and the party candidates.

He further described the regime of president Bashir as “volatile”, saying they sold their Islamist ideology and sought to reach agreements with rebel groups to ensure the continuation of their rule.

The Sudan Call forces said they agreed to develop their activities and intensify efforts to reunite the opposition forces.

The statement is signed by NUP chairman Sadiq al-Mahdi, Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) chief Malik Agar, National Consensus Forces (NCF) representative Mohamed Mukhtar al-Khateib and civil society groups delegate , Babikir Ahmed al-Hassan.

Since last February , the opposition groups launched a political campaign “Leave” calling on the Sudanese to boycott the general elections and deprive the regime of legitimacy.


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