Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Togo: ECOWAS chair meets presidential hopefuls

The President of ECOWAS, John Dramani Mahama, left Lomé in late afternoon after a short visit in Lome. A supervision mission of the electoral process to 5 days of the presidential election.

He met with five candidates, including incumbent President Faure Gnassingbe.

"My discussions with candidates in this follow-up meeting of the elections were friendly and fruitful. I have noted a willingness of everyone to have peaceful elections in Togo, 'he said.

If the electoral register no longer debate, some opposition candidates stressed their concern about the ballot, the transmission of results, the security of the election process and polling.

'All the issues have been discussed with the CENI. The answers are satisfactory. One problem is the lack of communication between the Election Commission and candidates' said the Ghanaian president. This should be resolved quickly.

Mr. Dramani Mahama wished to recall that INEC was the only institution empowered to declare the results; he invited all candidates and all political parties to avoid giving results, including trends.

After the vote, there will be only one winner, he insisted. And that winner is the Togolese Republic.

The President of ECOWAS hoped that the presidential election next Saturday takes place in such good conditions as in Nigeria.

'The whole community is watching to Togo and as has been the case in Nigeria, where the elections were peaceful without any problem, we hope to see the same thing here in Togo ", concluded John Dramani Mahama.


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