Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burundi: CENI supports the new electoral calendar

"On and there issues surrounding the electoral process of 2015, the majority of Burundians wishes go to elections," says the president of the CENI, Pierre-Claver Ndayicariye in a given press briefing Wednesday, June 17 He believes that "the electoral partners must do everything to respect the will of the people."
In a statement read by Philippe Nzobonariba, spokesman and secretary of the Government, he said that the announced electoral calendar following the top of the AU in Johannesburg, is final.

The president of the CENI electoral commission says the wishes "the massive presence of both national and international observers for there to be free and transparent elections."

On the issue of withdrawal of the Catholic Church of the electoral process, the M.Ndayicariye response is unequivocal: "the withdrawal of priests does not mean the removal of all Catholics of the elections." And adds: "before being Catholic, it is first Burundians".

Finally, the CENI notes that the withdrawal of voting cards continues the headquarters of each This (independent municipal electoral commission).

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