Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Guinea: 2 major opposition parties merge for October 11 election

Having traveled to Ouagadougou on 19 June, the leader of the UFDG, Celou Dalein Diallo, announced they have entered into a political alliance with Moussa Dadis Camara, leader of FPDD (Patriotic Forces for Democracy and Development) in the Optical Presidential October 2015. A surprising alliance since 2009 the soldiers of the junta led by Dadis Camara had bloodily suppressed an opposition rally, including targeting militants UFDG.

To those who thought that a massacre separated Diallo and Camara , the two men have just proven that in politics nothing is insurmountable. Diallo is aware that Camara was never charged or molested for events of 28 September 2009 and is now estimated that it is not up to him to accuse the former chief junta.

It leaves that task to the justice: "  There almost 150 people have died, others are missing. I really wish that the perpetrators and instigators of these crimes are arrested. But I can not me by now designate such as guilty. I hope that justice do its work objectively and independently , "is he justified.

Reasoning that allows him to enter into a political alliance with the new party of Moussa Dadis Camara, the FPDD. Asked whether his supporters understand this alliance, the leader of UFDG is affirmative. For him, his constituents understand that to win the next presidential UFDG needs allies of whatever kind. But Moussa Dadis Camara who created a party, announced his return to Guinea and has to report to the October presidential and he enjoys some popularity in Forest Guinea, his home region which is a big deal in the battle for the presidency. And Diallo intends to take advantage when the second round.

And morality in that? For once it is the RPG, Alpha Conde's party give a lesson to the opposition. Amadou Camara Damaro MP confided to the site Guineenews . For him Diallo has sold his soul. And the MP quoted Malraux: "  We do not do politics with morality, but it does not make more without it.  "

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