Monday, June 22, 2015

DRC: Differences persist in elections

In the DRC, there fortnight Congolese President has initiated consultations with all actors of civil society. This week, he received the deputies, senators, media owners and students. Each time, the message is the same: we must go to elections in a peaceful climate and support the peace process initiated by the ruling party. Still, the different personalities that Joseph Kabila met expressed divergent views. The most obvious being those between the lower house and the upper house.

For the president of the National Assembly, Aubin Minaku , no question of touching the electoral calendar. All elections are important and we should all organize.

But this requirement says nothing about how to proceed to meet that schedule. The government still has not announced how much money will be released to finance the seven ballots. No electoral material was ordered. Finally, the law on the allocation of seats , prior to the organization of local was rejected by MEPs. A special session should be convened shortly to enable the adoption of this famous law.

For its part, the Senate has been much more critical about the current process. Its chairman, Leon Kengo Wa Dondo , proposed revising the timetable to make it feasible, even group a number of polls. He also called for the envelope over a billion dollars to fund the elections is reduced.

Finally, he said, it is essential to integrate new major. These five or ten million young people - nobody knows exactly - come of age after 2011, so they can vote in each election. These rather divergent from those of the majority remind the membership of Senate President for the opposition.

Given these differences, Joseph Kabila has planned to organize a meeting between the two chambers. The aim is to harmonize their positions as these divisions may not be tenable for long. This inter-agency meeting should be organized early next week.


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