Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DRC: Consultations on local elections reach climax

The week was a busy one for men and Congolese politicians and especially for President Joseph Kabila. In the final stretch of the consultations will be discussed in future local elections. The Head of State will meet with the presidents of both chambers of Parliament. It could reveal the contents of the deputies of citizens complaints.

The latest consultations of President Kabila to take place this week. Musicians and magistrates would be among the last on the list. And to close, the head of state has planned to convene an inter-agency meeting, including a meeting with President of both Houses of Parliament.

This is the inter-institutional meeting that may be agreed upon date of the convening of the special session of Parliament. A session that was announced last week at the conclusion of the meeting between President Kabila and national parliamentarians and members of the opposition had boycotted.

This special session will be dedicated to discuss the draft law on the distribution of seats for the elections. With the possibility of adopting the text, there are about ten days, was rejected in the National Assembly , as well as by the opposition of the majority. Already, the opposition decided to dry the sessions of this special session, on the grounds that this is a ploy for President Kabila to remain in power.


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