Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CAR: Massive voter registration slated for June 27 in election calendar

In Central African Republic, the National Authority elections (NSA) released, Friday, June 19, an ambitious electoral calendar, which sets the constitutional referendum in October 4, the first round of legislative and presidential simultaneously on October 18, and the second round of these elections to 22 November. However, and before that, the NEA will launch a large voter registration throughout the country on June 27 for a month.

Voters will be asked to register on the electoral lists in offices located all over the territory during the electoral census scheduled to begin on 27 June and be completed on 27 July. It is a colossal work for the archives that survived the crisis are rare. The NSA has renounced the biometric enrollment , but the next voter card will have a number of personal information and photo.

Reached by RFI, Julius Ngouadé-Baba, deputy spokesman of the NSA, invites his compatriots to register massively and get well, by the same token, an identification document. "  The National Informatics Office still has some lists of 2011. But we can not work with this list for the simple reason that the requirement of the Electoral Code would, this time, the option which was arrested by the National Authority elections after consensus or just a computerized list with voter cards on which there will be pictures. So, we have to take the registration to zero because the registered voter must also have his picture on that list  , "he said.

"  It would be a very good thing, says Ngouadé-Baba, because the crisis we have experienced has caused very great destruction. So, most of our countrymen no longer have documents in place of ID. Also, a voter card that would contain information on the affiliation of the person's place of residence and photograph - without this replaces the national identity card - can be used for identification of Central African to be registered the electoral list. I therefore invite my fellow citizens to register as voters massively . "

Is the timing tenable?

For the former Prime Minister, Nicolas Tiangaye, and current president of the Conference of Presidents of AFDT platform, the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the transition, it is necessary that the NSA can receive the expected funding for the deadline to be tenable . "  This is possible provided that the National Authority elections can balance its budget by $ 18 million  , "said he has on RFI, adding that a transition is expected to be very short, that, therefore, do not stay there "  indefinitely  . " He thinks it is important to have institutions that have "  popular anointing  "and thus end the current year with democratic elections.

Nicolas Tiangaye also stresses the situation of refugees and displaced persons who can not all vote "  What we want is that the majority of the population can participate in these elections. This is our wish. Néanmois, under current conditions, it will of course be difficult for everyone involved, especially since we have about 400,000 refugees in neighboring countries and 500,000 IDPs. We must therefore also take account of all these elements there.  "

Cyriaque Gonda, president of the National Party for a new Central (PNCN) party of former presidential majority under François Bozizé, consider, meanwhile, we can expect some slippage or some delays but it important not to exceed December 2015. "  We can actually organize referendums, parliamentary elections and the presidential in October, November, December. This is the period that I consider appropriate. We could have had a minimum of security, we would have already started the costs of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR)  , "he told RFI.

"  Elections are a vital operation for a nation, especially a nation that is in crisis as the CAR. December will be a deadline, so that we give hope to our people. From 2016, a new beginning with a new founding act that should really help us return to the community of nations  , "said Cyriaque Gonda, President of PNCN.


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