Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burundi: Government accepts the proposals of the AU, subject to conditions

After four days of intense reflection, Burundi just react to the communiqué of the meeting of the Board of the Peace and Security of the African Union during the weekend, particularly devoted to the crisis in that country. The government does not say no to the proposals of the African Union, but sets conditions.

Officially, the Burundian government is willing to work with observers of human rights , but also with military experts to be responsible for the disarmament of militias in Burundi. But power sets conditions for their deployment.

" We say we are willing to work with the African Union,  and said the Burundian foreign minister, Alain Aimé Nyamitwe . But we are accurate in any case come from the countries from which these military experts, their number, they have a specific mandate. Everything will depend on the speed with which the African Union will take it in this case.  "

It will be difficult in these conditions, deploy observers and other experts within two weeks provided by the Board of peace and of the African Union . The head of the Burundian diplomacy considers that the most important in this case is that "  Bujumbura expressed its willingness to facilitate such a mission  . "

Despite such opening, the power does not let anything on the Burundian problem node, the issue of the third term of President Pierre Nkurunziza. The press council does evokes nowhere says Burundian minister.

Even firmness on the issue of the electoral calendar  , "  we do not touch  ", while the African Union advocates a new consensual calendar. "  If the government says that avoiding a constitutional vacuum is a red line, this should be understood by everyone. There is not a single government in the world that would accept this kind of adventure  . "

Under these conditions, difficult to know what would be the subject of political dialogue that the African Union called for all his vows, puisqu'officiellement communal and legislative elections scheduled in ten days have already taken place.

This categorical refusal of any change in his electoral calendar obviously boosted civil society. Master Bigirimana January, is Secretary General of Focode, organization participating in the campaign to Stop the 3rd mandate. He said the international community must now be firmer with power.

"  President Nkurunziza wants to continue his electoral forcing but still forget that the dialogue has already made ​​its fruits in our country. The ruling party wants to go to elections, which is still against democratic values. It is well known today that this is the only ruling party to campaign solo, forgetting that there must be a democratic competition with all the other actors in the Burundian political life. Today we want to take us into a kind of chaos. Tougher sanctions are necessary in view of that arrogance.  "

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